About PRS

Odysseus-underway-Point Sur-wPelagic Research Services is an ocean services company that brings expedition planning, execution and state of the art sub-sea research tools to the ocean community on a global basis. PRS is a dedicated group of ocean professionals with decades of experience implementing, managing and supporting offshore, multi-disciplinary conservation and science projects. PRS offers affordability, efficiency and flexibility, with assets available to be transported anywhere in the world by air, land or sea for your open-ocean endeavors.

PRS seaborne assets address a vital gap in existing support for deep sea and ocean science & technology by offering turnkey operations, available to the marine conservation, ocean industry and ocean science communities. PRS is ready to support our clients on their schedule and provide sophisticated and leading edge technology typically out of reach for the majority of ocean research and exploration efforts.

The founders and staff of PRS have formal research training and experience operating and sailing on research vessels: from oceanography to fisheries monitoring to submersible and ROV operations and living marine life assessment, the PRS leadership and operational teams understand the challenges and importance of working offshore.