Ocean Sciences

Serving Scientific Discovery

science-screens1wPRS seaborne assets will address a gap in existing support for deep sea and ocean science. PRS will be a turnkey operation at a reasonable price, available to all scientists from all academic institutions around the world. PRS will be ready to support the scientists on their schedule and provide sophisticated and leading edge technology typically out of reach for the majority of research efforts. The PRS team will be trained in supporting science thus creating an atmosphere of collaboration and excellence. Today a private sector, affordable business model to deliver outstanding support for the world’s ocean scientists does not exist. PRS will meet this need.

science-screens3wThe PRS Odysseus ROV will provide a unique deep-water research tool that not only supports today’s research needs but is designed to grow and change with new technology while remaining customizable and flexible to meet new and critical research. Piloted by an expert, science trained team, this deep-water research tool will open the world’s deep oceans to both large research institutions and small. The PRS Odysseus 6500-meter ROV is the most cost effective, deep water science ROV in the world.  This factor alone makes the PRS service to Ocean Science a game changer in today’s market.