Odysseus ROV System

ODY-DECK1The PRS Odysseus inaugural research asset is a 6000-meter-rated ROV system designed for research from the skids up with a truly flexible, versatile and sophisticated science-class ROV system. Whether supporting the installation and maintenance of ocean observation systems, surveying and performing light work tasks for industry, conducting video transects and/or biological and geological sampling, film operations or exploration, the Odysseus system is the perfect choice.

With 6000 lbs in air through frame lift capability Odysseus has been designed to support Ocean Observing systems around the world. PRS Odysseus Systems easily interface with existing research platforms and will readily “plug and play” on existing UNOLS .681 cable systems.

Odysseus is transported over road on two flatbed semi-trailers. For global shipping, the ROV system transports in two (2) standard 20‘ ISO shipping containers and one ISO 20 foot flat rack.

This highly mobile deep water ROV system is both affordable and extremely capable to meet the needs of research and exploration. Odysseus is easily integrated into ships of opportunity around the world.


Control Room

The PRS control room is designed with the client’s comfort and ROV operations in mind. Housed in a 20 foot container the control room uses the latest video and data handling equipment to support embarked mission objectives. The PRS control room is also capable of being shifted to interior space on ship.

The PRS Odysseus ROV system can be shipped, via truck, train, ship or air in a variety of operational configurations to be cost effective and also to meet the needs of the project budget and timeline.

The Odysseus is designed to operate on DP or non-DP vessels and does not need a specialized Launch and Recovery System (LARS). It is designed to work off of typical A-frames or crane systems found on most capable work and research class vessels. The ROV system weighs less than 3,500 lbs. broadening the number of vessels worldwide that support its deployment.

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